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Welcome to Epic MegaNet. We are a YouTube network and our goal is provide you with the means to grow your channel and increase your YouTube earnings.

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Increase Your Views

How can you grow your channel 10x? As creators ourselves, we have the inside view on growing YouTube channels. And we can drive traffic to you from our established network.

Get Paid Faster

We are the world’s fastest paying YouTube network. For qualifying channels, we pay via PayPal or bank transfer on the 1st of each month based on the past month’s estimated earnings. We pay faster than YouTube itself!

Earn More

Our standard rev share is 70% and you can earn 80% once you reach 1m monthly views. Plus. we have direct advertiser relations so that you can earn more.

Retain Your Freedom

We believe we earn your trust and cooperation. We have no lock-in and you can leave the network with 30 days notice. Guaranteed.

Free Sound Library

Use our royalty-free music and sound effects for your videos. Through our partnership with Epidemic Sound, you get access to +25,000 professional grade music tracks and +30,000 sound effects. Completely free!

We Love Creators

We work with our partners to achieve mutual growth and sustainability and we are always open to your suggestions and ideas.

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